Madison Island

Featured Products

  • Perry on the Left, Price on the Right

    Perry on the Left, Price on the Right

    Lively anecdotes, photos and memorabilia of the duo’s 30 years behind the microphone and out in the local community.

  • Taxes of Hawaii 2015

    Taxes of Hawaii 2015

    The annual comprehensive tax resource. Taxes of Hawaii 2015 covers Tax Year 2014.

  • The Sound of Hilo Rain

    The Sound of Hilo Rain

    Roy Kodani recalls the joys and sorrows of coming of age in a simpler time.

  • The Hawaiian Survival Handbook

    The Hawaiian Survival Handbook

    A light-hearted, just-in-case bush guide for when things go wrong—from flash floods to shark attacks, from rip tides to box jellyfish.

  • From Kau Kau to Cuisine

    From Kau Kau to Cuisine

    From fine dining to food trucks, Hawai'i's contemporary cuisine is indelibly influenced by its small-town plantation past.

  • Eddie Wen' Go

    Eddie Wen' Go

    What really happened to Eddie Aikau when the voyaging canoe Hokule‘a capsized? An imaginative retelling of the story from a crewmember.

  • Feng Shui for Hawai‘i

    Feng Shui for Hawai‘i

    A variety of creative feng shui solutions for different tastes and budgets and the special requirements of the Hawaiian lifestyle.

  • The Cocktail Handbook

    The Cocktail Handbook

    More than 80 great drink recipes, plus inside tips on bar etiquette and tools and techniques of the trade.

  • Kapoho


    A coming-of-age memoir of life in a Hawaiian plantation village—now buried beneath a blanket of lava.