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Meet Dr. Rosalie Tatsuguchi

Why Smart Parents Do the Same Dumb Things

A user-friendly guide provides fresh new ideas for bringing kids up right

Why Smart Men Do the Same Dumb Things

The irrationally demanding boss. The temperamental, uncommunicative father. The co-worker who never admits mistakes. The husband who won’t ask for directions. Why do so many men self-sabotage their personal growth and relationships? It’s not just a “guy thing,” says veteran Hawai‘i psychologist Dr. Rosalie K. Tatsuguchi. “It’s a ‘Musashi thing.’” And the good news is that change is possible.

Why Smart People Do the Same Dumb Things

Why do you keep seeking answers in all the wrong places? Why does a smart person like you keep making the same dumb mistakes? What can you do about it? Dr. Rosalie K. Tatsuguchi blends Eastern and Western thinking to help you realize your mistakes, correct them and move on to become a happier you.

Dr. Rosalie K. Tatsuguchi will make the following appearances for her new release, Why Smart Parents Do the Same Dumb Things: A Parent's Manual for Change. Seminars will include a 30-40 minute discussion introducing Dr. Tatsuguchi's tips for using scientific methods and Buddhist thinking to improve your parenting skills. (It's a lot simpler than it sounds!) Questions are welcome. All events are free.

Friday, September 27
6:00PM - 7:00PM

Barnes & Noble, Ala Moana Center
seminar, followed by book signing

A portion of proceeds from sales made on this day at Barnes & Noble when you present this voucher will be donated to the aio Foundation, a Hawaii non-profit dedicated to fostering leadership skills and community spirit in our youth.