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PRESS RELEASE: Hidden Heroes: Servant Leaders Cultivate Success Behind the Scenes

Hidden Heroes

Revealing stories of servant leaders—the real power behind the throne

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Hidden Heroes: Servant Leaders Cultivate Success Behind the Scenes

Watermark Publishing announces the release of Hidden Heroes: Finding Success in the Shadows, the newest release by business leader, author and motivational speaker David Heenan. This groundbreaking book celebrates those who work selflessly behind the scenes—ghost writers and Sherpas, backup singers and adjunct professors—motivated by a spirit of servant leadership often missing today.

We live in a starstruck society, Heenan points out. We love our heroes, be they chief executives, entertainers or sports stars—men and women venerated for their celebrity status. But to see how the real work gets done, we must look beyond the superstar. In many cases the real work is performed by exceptional subordinates—hidden heroes who fly under the radar.

In Hidden Heroes: Finding Success in the Shadows, corporate luminary and academician Heenan examines ten sets of extraordinary servant leaders, from both history and contemporary life, in business, education, entertainment and sports. His subjects demonstrate how business and society can reap rich rewards by unleashing those who focus on others rather than themselves, and how individuals and organizations can benefit from a more inclusive, less celebrity-oriented view of leadership. Exhaustively researched and laced with memorable anecdotes and lively stories, Hidden Heroes is designed to enlighten and inspire. David Heenan is a trustee of the Estate of James Campbell, one of the nation’s largest landowners, as well as a visiting professor at Georgetown University. He formerly served as chairman and CEO of Theo. H. Davies & Co., the North American holding company for the Hong Kong-based multinational Jardine Matheson. He has been vice president for academic affairs at the University of Hawai‘i and, before that, dean of its business school.

Educated at the College of William and Mary, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania, Heenan has served on the faculties of the Wharton School, the Columbia Graduate School of Business and the University of Hawai‘i. His articles have appeared in such leading publications as the Harvard Business Review, the Sloan Management Review, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor. He is author or co-author of nine other books, including Leaving On Top, Bright Triumphs from Dark Hours, Flight Capital, Double Lives and Co-Leaders.

Hidden Heroes: Finding Success in the Shadows (ISBN-13 978-1-935690-83-2) is available in hardcover for $24.95 at bookstores and other retail outlets and from online booksellers, or direct from the publisher at

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