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PRESS RELEASE: Feng Shui for Hawaii Gardens

Feng Shui for Hawaii Gardens

Your garden is your first and best opportunity to create positive energy for your home. Feng Shui for Hawaii Gardens is the complete guide to landscaping your garden—from use of natural features on your property to the plants you select and where you locate them. Here are simple, easy-to-implement solutions to invite good energy into your home, balance your home in its surroundings and protect it from harsh or threatening energies.

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A Guide to Creating Positive Energy with Your Tropical Garden

Watermark Publishing announces the release of Feng Shui for Hawai‘i Gardens, the newest book by feng shui expert Clear Englebert. A nationally acclaimed feng shui teacher and consultant, Englebert presents a thorough guide to landscaping and maintaining your tropical garden to create positive energy in the home. The garden, he notes, is your first and best opportunity to invite good energy, balance your home in its surroundings and protect it from harsh or threatening energies. Feng Shui for Hawai‘i Gardens—a lavish, full-color, 216-page book—provides simple, easy-to-implement solutions, from using a property’s natural features to selecting plants and where to locate them.

Island homes are prone to their own special variety of feng shui problems. In Hawai‘i, for example, a house’s setting can be quite dramatic with a pali (cliff) on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Even a home with a less spectacular location can feel “unbalanced” from a feng shui point of view, based on the home’s mauka (mountain) and makai (ocean) orientation. In Hawai‘i’s more densely populated areas, neighbors or nearby structures can be undesirable sources of negative energy. As a result, Englebert explains, paying attention to feng shui outdoors can be as critical as applying feng shui inside the home: “Exteriors are just as important as interiors in feng shui, and once you’re outside, anything can happen! Many feng shui concerns influence how to landscape, including where and what to plant.”

In Feng Shui for Hawai‘i Gardens, a follow-up to his best-selling Feng Shui for Hawai‘i (Watermark Publishing, 2008), Englebert offers simple solutions to challenges like these and, unlike many other feng shui guides, provides more than one option for correcting a problem. “In and of itself, feng shui is not an aesthetic art,” he says. “An ugly presentation can still be technically correct from a feng shui standpoint. With this book, I hope to guide you in creating a beautiful and traditionally correct garden.”

Color photographs and easy-to-comprehend line drawings throughout the book illustrate key concepts. Detailed lists of plants suited for specific purposes (and appropriate to the tropical climate) are included, with example photographs of numerous specimens.

Clear Englebert has taught feng shui in Hawai‘i and California and consults on homes, gardens and commercial spaces throughout the Islands. He has been featured on television and in a variety of print media and has published two previous feng shui titles for a national audience, Feng Shui Demystified and Bedroom Feng Shui, in addition to Feng Shui for Hawai‘i, now going into its third printing.

Feng Shui for Hawai‘i Gardens (ISBN 978-1-9356901-5-3) is priced at $22.95 in soft cover and will be available in mid-February at bookstores, online booksellers or direct from the publisher at

Watermark Publishing is a Honolulu, Hawaii, book publisher. Established in 1999, the company has produced a number of award-winning books, specializing in titles that celebrate Hawai‘i’s unique, “mixed plate” culture. Contact Watermark Publishing, 1000 Bishop St., Suite 806, Honolulu, HI 96813; (808) 587-7766; toll-free (866) 900-BOOK; fax (808) 521-3461;


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